Unhide Hidden Posts on Facebook Timeline

By | May 2, 2019

One of my friends asked me about how to unhide hidden posts on facebook wall. With timeline we are given the ability to hide some similar posts not only on our news feed, but also on our wall, hide is different with delete/remove. We can show the posts we have already hidden before later if we want, not like delete/remove which is permanent. Unfortunately, Facebook doesnt include the “edit options” for this particular function on their privacy setting page.

Here, i’m trying to show you the way to unhide the hidden posts on our facebook wall/timeline. Kindly follow the instructions carefully :

Go to your facebook profile/timeline : http://www.facebook.com/profile.php
Go to your recent activity showed on your profile, then click on the x/remove icon on the upper left side of the box.

unhide timeline hidden post step 1
Click the last one on the drop down menu “Hide Similar Activity from Timeline“
unhide timeline hidden post step 2
a pop up dialog will show, dont click “hide all”, clik “Edit Options” on the left side instead
unhide timeline hidden post step 3
another pop up dialog will show, there, you can choose what kind of activities you want to unhide, simply click the x/remove icon
unhide timeline hidden post step 4
That’s all, happy trying 🙂

I wonder why facebook makes it harder for us just to do this. Hope they will add this unhide options on their privacy setting page. Happy connecting 😉

Correction :
I guess the post above would be better said as Unhide Hidden Activities on Facebook while for unhiding hidden post, you can simply click the Activity Log button, located on the right above side of your facebook profile, below the timeline cover.