How To Get Facebook ID

By | May 2, 2019

As i shared before on the old post about How To Find Facebook ID, that Facebook ID is a unique number identifying a facebook profil, groups or fan pages. Normally, we don’t need to know the id of our own profil or even others. We can still send others comments, likes or anything else by using all the default function provided by facebook. But sometimes, we need to know how to get facebook id, especially when we want to use some certain applications like Facebook Animated Picture or else. There, you will have to input your friend’s Facebook ID to be able to post someting to their wall.
I just created a useful tool to help you get the facebook ID. This is really the simplest way to do it, you don’t need to know how to use javascript or even firebug add-on, all you need to do is simply put any facebook profil url inside the textbox below then press the “Find The ID” button.

You can even use this to find out about your fan page id. we will discuss about how to find facebook grup id later on another post. Here’s the tool